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In 1996, LiveOnTheNet tackled the new field of webcasting. In its first year as a multimedia webcaster, the company delivered NASCAR in-car video to thousands of online viewers, produced the groundbreaking webcast of the 1996 Democratic National Convention, as well as Sir Paul McCartney's Standing Stone Concert from Carnegie Hall.

By 1999, LiveOnTheNet emerged as one of the Internet's premiere live content producers having hosted such diverse and notable events as the Cannes Film Festival, the Fender Guitar Catalina Island Blues Festival, Bluestock 1999, Paul McCartney's Buddy Holly Dance Party from New York's Roseland Ballroom, and the 2400th anniversary of the city of Marseilles, France.

Since 1996, first Thermo Electron (TMO) and then Divine Interventures (DVIN) each successively owned a majority stake of LiveOnTheNet. In 2001, the principals regained a controlling interest in the company from Divine, and in 2004, bought out most of the minority shareholders. The principals -- Schneider, Miller and Williams -- collectively own over 90% of LiveOnTheNet.

In 2005, the company realized that a long held goal - interactive audio as content, or supporting other content - was rapidly becoming economically feasible with the prevalence of VOIP. Digium, Inc., a recognized leader in the development of open source VOIP PBXs is also located in Huntsville.

With LiveOnTheNet's track record in Web-based content and consumer services, our experience and expertise is very well-suited to exploit Digium's open source, highly flexible and robust VOIP platform - Asterisk - in the provision of IT-enabled services to consumers seeking online voice interaction and compelling audio content.