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Senior Management

Roger Schneider has over twenty years of experience leading high tech, entrepreneurial efforts and has successfully met technology challenges in some of the world's most challenging environments. His work has been featured in over 100 media stories and he was nominated in 1992 for a prestigious Computer World-Smithsonian Technology Leadership Award. Roger serves as the Company's President and CEO, directing all its business activity, and held the position Executive Vice President and COO of LiveOnTheNet from 1996 through May of 2000. With an enviable entrepreneurial record going back to 1981, Mr. Schneider has founded or led several start-up software ventures that have been nurtured and sold to public companies such as Comshare, Maxwell Labs, Thermo Electron and divine Interventures.

As COO, Jeff Miller oversees the business operations of the Company on a daily basis, including accounting, HR, contracts and billing. In addition, Jeff directs the sales efforts of LOTN and played a critical leadership role in developing the sales model on which the Company's success is based. Prior to assuming the COO role, he directed the Sales and Quality Assurance operations of the company during its largest sales campaigns and completely revamped the sales and verification process. Similarly, since becoming COO, he has restructured the primary operational systems of the company to reduce costs and dramatically improve efficiency.

Scott Williams, LOTN's Chief Marketing Officer, is responsible for shaping the company's product line, initiating new sales channels, developing strategic alliances with other companies and refining and implementing the Company's marketing strategies. Mr. Williams was instrumental in the conceptualization of the original Cornerpost and the LiveSupport products and has been responsible for most of their innovations and enhancements. Many of the Company's strategic relationships are due to Mr. Williams' efforts including the development of our network of sales agents and various technology partnerships.